Top 5 Best insoles for cycling shoes

Best insoles for cycling shoes
Top 5 Best insoles for cycling shoes


In the world, cycling is used to do exercise and enjoyment but it becomes painful when you make a light decision by selecting the Best Insoles for Cycling Shoes. If you are a professional cyclist or a mountain biker, a good cycling shoe insole can resolve your all normal foot problems and give you comfort and support. Proper Cycling shoe insoles can reduce pressure, provide good arch support, and help to maintain balance while riding a bike and cycling. Suitable shoe insoles for cycling are important to maintain stability and prevent you from any foot injury. Cyclists has Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet, and High Arches can use insoles according to their foot type. 

In this review article, we will discuss the best inserts for cycling shoes, their types, importance, maintenance, buying guide, and top brands of insoles for cycling shoes. So, stay on this page to get complete information to select the best insole for your footwear.

Types of Insoles for Cycling Shoes

Different types of cycling shoe insoles give you different kinds of support and comfort. The following types of insoles are recommended for your cycling or bike shoes,

1. Gel Insoles

If you are a mountain cyclist or biker and you need an insole that gives you proper shock absorption then you go to Gel Insoles because they reduce pressure on your feet when you ride a cycle or bike on a tough surface like a mountain.

2. Arch Support Insoles

For those cyclists who have high arches and flat feet, good insoles give them excellent arch support and reduce discomfort while cycling on the mountain or on a plain road.

3. Heat-Moldable Insoles

Insoles made from heat moldable technology are considered the best for cyclists and bikers because they adopt the shape according to your feet and they remain fit in your cycling shoes. These insoles are mostly used by professional cyclists who want extra easiness and great performance.

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Why Insoles are Important for Cycling Shoes.

Before we start to review the best insoles for cycling shoes, we need to understand why insoles are so important for cyclists and bikers. A cyclist who covers long-distance take pressure on their feet which leads to foot issues, must know the following point why insoles are important?

1-Higher Comfort and Cushioning

Good insoles give great comfort therefore cyclist prefer to put insoles in their cycling shoes. The best insoles provide you extra cushioning and support while you ride a cycle for a long duration and prevent you from foot issues.

2-Improved Performance

If your feet are comfortable while cycling, this leads to improved performance. When your feet face no issue you can focus on your cycling performance. The best insoles transfer your leg’s power to the pedals of your cycle and bike and increase your cycling speed.  

3-Prevent From Injuries

Foot injuries during cycling are caused due to the selection of the wrong footwear and insoles. The best insoles for cycling shoes prevent you from common foot issues like plantar fasciitis and knee pain. Insoles are also recommended to maintain alignment and reduce pressure on your feet and ultimately decrease the risk of injury.

Top 5 Best insoles for cycling shoes Review

Now we are going to review the top 5 best Insoles for Cycling shoes and Bike Shoes below

1-Dr. Scholl’s Insoles for Cycling Shoes

Dr. Scholl’s introduced its insole for cycling shoes that absorb shock and decrease muscle fatigue and in this way, you will avoid from feet, knee, and lower back pain. Gel featured is also included in these insoles that help you to provide a cushioning effect.


  • Gel Material
  • Shock Absorption
  • Decrease Muscle Fatigue
  • Cushioning Effect
  • Trim to Fit
  • Multiple Color

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2-Superfeet Insoles for Cycling Shoes

Top 5 Best insoles for cycling shoes

While Superfeet insoles are considered good for all types of shoes, they are also in good demand for cycling shoes. Superfeet insoles are made of high-density foam that provides you cushioning effect and shock absorpting during cycling. They have the facility to trim according to your cycling shoes. Moisture-wicking quality of these insoles gives you odor control.


  • Polyester and high-density foam
  • Trim to fit
  • Cushioning Effect
  • High Arch Support
  • Odor Control
  • Moisture wicking

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3-Powerstep Insoles for Bike and Cycling Shoes

Top 5 Best insoles for cycling shoes

If you are a cyclist then you must prefer Powerstep Insoles because it relieves pain when you have Plantar fasciitis, foot, knee, and back pain. Powerstep insoles provide you cushioning effect and shock absorption while you are cycling on a rough surface. If you are not satisfied with Power step insoles then they give you a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • 100% Polyester
  • Neutral Arch Support
  • Cushioning Effect
  • Best for tight-fitted shoes.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

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4-FORM Premium Insoles for Cycling Shoes

Top 5 Best insoles for cycling shoes

FORM Premium Insoles provide good arch support and cushioning effect because they are manufactured from EVA Foam, Polyurethane, and Polyester materials. Both men and women use it for their cycling shoes comfortably to reduce fatigue. The inbuilt foam prevents you from foot injuries while cycling.


  • 80% EVA Foam
  • 19% Polyurethane
  • Anti Fatigue
  • Cushion Effect
  • Good Arch Support
  • Extra Durable
  • Perfect for all shoes especially for cycling shoes.

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5-Sof Sole Insoles for Cycling Shoes

Top 5 Best insoles for cycling shoes

Sof Sole insoles are listed 5 in this informative article “Best Insoles for Cycling Shoes”. Sof Sole Insoles are best to gain long-lasting comfort through your cycling shoes. It is good for those men and women who have a neutral arch. The lightweight and cushioning effect of Sof Sole insoles made them ideal for cyclists. Moisture-wicking quality keeps your shoes dry and controls temperature and odor.


  • Gel Material
  • Lightweight
  • Cushioning Effect
  • Arch Support
  • Cushioning Effect
  • Odor Control
  • Moisture Wicking

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Buying guide to choose the Best Insoles for Cycling Shoes

If you go to the market or google some best insoles for cycling shoes but are confused about which type of insoles will be better for your shoes then read below the buying guide and the type of insoles that will be helpful for your cycling journey.

Foot Arch Type

When you are going to buy insoles for your bike or cycling shoes, you must know your foot type ( Flat Feet, High Arch, Low Arch) then you will be able to select a good insole for your shoes.


Cycling insoles are made of different materials and each material gives you unique benefit. Foam insoles are considered best to get extra cushioning while gel insoles provide you shock absorption. Carbon insoles are lightweight but rigid and can be ideal for good cyclists.

Customization Options

Most cyclists prefer insoles that are easy to trim or customizable. Custom insoles change their shape according to your shoes and give you excellent comfort and support but are a little bit pricey.

Maintenance of Cycling Shoe Insoles

So, guys you have purchased good insoles for your cycling shoes but you need to care for them properly for long-lasting use. Follow some of the maintenance tips for your cycling shoes below.

Proper Cleaning

When you are cycling, the dust gets on your shoes and insoles, which causes your shoes and insoles to deteriorate. So you need to clean the insoles with the proper method. The insoles should be washed with any good soap to remove any dirt or dust.

Replace the Insoles

Cycling shoes and insoles wear out quickly, but you should also replace your insoles every 12 to 18 months. And when you feel that you are not getting the cushioning and support effect from these insoles, then it is time to change the insoles with new ones.

Advice from Your orthopedist

If you have any problem with your feet, you should quickly see your foot doctor and he can give you good advice on choosing cycling insoles.

Cycling Shoe Insoles Compatibility

One thing you have to keep in mind is that not every insole is made for every cycling shoe. So whenever you go to buy insoles for cycling shoes, buy insoles according to your cycling shoes.


So. Guys I Have provided you the information regarding the best insoles for cycling shoes, Types of Insoles, Buying Guide, Maintenance of Cycling Shoe Insoles, and the importance of insoles for cycling shoes. Top brands of insoles are listed above to select reasonable insoles for your cycling and bike shoes. If you consider that this article remains helpful for you then share it with your loved ones.


Do cycling shoes need insoles?

Yes, When you wear insoles on your cycling shoes, it makes a huge impact on your performance and comfort.

How can I make my cycling shoes more comfortable?

To make your cycling shoes comfortable use a pair of supportive insoles.

Are cycling insoles worth it?

Yes, Cycling insoles give you stability and comfort and protect you from any kind of foot injury.

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